School educational program

Expandya offers alternative school-work programs according to the provisions introduced by the Italian governmental reform called “Buona Scuola” (104/2005). In the past 2 years, our training pathways have interested more than 1000 students from 5 different Sicilian high-schools, with the goal of introducing young people to the world of work. Confidustria (Italian Industrial Federation) recognizing the value of our programs awarded Expandya with the quality mark BAQ.

  • Start Up Academy (70 hours): addresses the key themes for creating, developing and managing start-ups. The educational program aims to encourage students to grow and promote their entrepreneurial culture awareness enhancing individual and team attitudes.
  • L’Italia Va Online (70 hours): assists the creation of company websites through the cooperation with our partner Flazio and their digital platform. The educational programs aims to prepare students with basic web design principles, to improve their visual communication skills and promote the interaction with professional digital tools.